2014 CAAGC-IIT Youth Leadership Award Program Announcement

2014 High-School Student Leadership Award

CAAGC/IIT Leadership Award Committee
Deadline of Submission: December 31, 2013

The Chinese-American Association of Greater Chicago (CAAGC) and the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) jointly announce the 2014 High-School Student Leadership Award program. This award is designed to honor those students who have demonstrated leadership skills or commit to take on leadership positions that require a significant amount of time, energy, enthusiasm, effort, and thought, who have created positive change within an organization and/or the Chinese-American community; and who have made contributions to the improvement of the quality of life of others. You can apply this program at http://caagc.org/2014_award now.

Award Criteria
Candidate should demonstrate at least one of the following:

1. Creation of special projects or programs aimed at improving school, local, and global Chinese communities.
2. Leadership Position: The student candidate has played a leadership role in a student organization, or a community service activity
3. Community volunteer service: The student candidate has an outstanding community volunteer service record
4. Interest and passion in leadership: The student candidate has demonstrated initiative, motivation and potential for continued student leadership
5. Leadership skills: The student candidate has demonstrated outstanding innovation and leadership in extra curricular activities, and has taken others to new paths of endeavor
6. The student candidate should foster an atmosphere of care and concern and serve as a role model to empower others
7. The student has demonstrated independent leadership of community service initiatives either on or off school
8. Demonstrated passion and consistent involvement or clear trend in serving the Chinese community.

Eligibility Criteria
1. Ethnicity: Chinese
2. Grade: Junior or Senior of high school
3. G.P.A.: The candidate should be in good academic standing.

Application Procedure

Step 1: Submit online leadership award program application form at http://caagc.org/2014_award/
Step 2: Complete the application packet including following items:
• Applicant’s resume or curriculum vita (maximum 2 pages).
• At least two reference letters from applicant’s teachers, current school faculty members, supervisors, Chinese community leaders or others in a position to speak to the impact the applicant has had on others.
• Choose one of the local Chinese schools listed in this document as applicant’s nominator.

Step 3: Send an email with the application documents package to your nominator school representative and cc to youth@caagc.org by December 31, 2013.

Application Process and Schedule
1. Each local Chinese school will evaluate the applicants and recommends 2-4 candidates based on number of applicants to CAAGC/IIT Leadership Award Committee.
2. CAAGC/IIT Leadership Award Committee’s Independent Review Panel will review and select the nominees from the pool of candidates during January, 2014 in coordination with IIT
3. On Jan. 24, the CAAGC committee should bring a set of 10-12 recommendations – including a good mix of young women and men - to final awards decision. IIT Office of Admission representatives will make the final selection with CAAGC.
4. The final Award winners will be announced on Sunday Feb 2nd, 2014 at Fenghua Academy Chinese School.
5. Award ceremony will be held at the Fenghua Academy Lunar New Year event on Feb. 2, 2014. The concrete schedule is showing below:
Date/Time: 1:00 pm, on Sunday, February 2nd, 2014
Location: Lake Zurich Middle School North, Lake Zurich, Illinois 60047.

Ten nominees will be selected. Five of them will be the final winners.

1. Certificate issued by Chinese American Association of Greater Chicago and Illinois of Institute Technology for all nominees
2. iPAD-Mini 2 or equivalent prize for each final winner
3. IIT scholarship in the range of $15,000 to $60,000 per year up to five years (Senior only. This Scholarship is provided to the winners who are interested in applying for IIT. This award requires additional application and procedures)

CAAGC/IIT Leadership Award Committee

Chairs: Hong Liu, Mike Gose
Vice Chairs: Xian-He Sun, Simon Hao, Ron Li
Independent Review Panel: Anonymous college faculties of Universities in Chicago area
Committee Members: Tony Hu, Alex Hugh, Wenqi Luan, Tao Wang, Norman He

Simon Hao (youth@caagc.org)

Local Chinese Schools:
希林湖郡中文学校 胡艳芳 312-520-9438 Dianahu99@yahoo.com
希林西北中文学校 石晓虹 847-514-5224 shixiaohong2002@yahoo.com
希林中文学校 杨八琳 630-745-8080 lindayang@xilin.org
瑞华中文学 金忠民 630-401-9851 principal@raychineseschool.org
UIC希林中文学校 何振宇 630-669-8492 normanho88@gmail.com
芝加哥中文学校 徐婕雯 312-933-9640 vivianxu888@yahoo.com
风华中文学校 李荣顺 224-286-4090 ronli@fenghuaschool.org
希林芝北中文学校 满素洁 847-376-7218 man.sujie@gmail.com
希林北郊教育中心 姚海涛 847-850-0383 hyao2000@hotmail.com
海德园中文学校 张秋莹 773-330-6588 qiuying9600@gmail.com

Chinese American Association of Greater Chicago (CAAGC)
Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)

About Chinese American Association of Great Chicago (CAAGC):
CAAGC is the largest non-profit membership organization serving the Chinese Americans in metropolitan Chicago area. Its mission is to promote cultural, educational, and economic opportunities for the Chinese Americans; build relations between China and U.S., and promote linkages and friendships among different communities in metropolitan Chicago. Website: www.caagc.org

About Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT):
Founded in 1890, IIT is a Ph.D.-granting university with more than 7,700 students (including 2,500 undergraduates) in engineering, sciences, architecture, psychology, design, humanities, business and law. IIT's inter-professional (IPRO program http://ipro.iit.edu), technology-focused curriculum is designed to advance knowledge through research and scholarship, to cultivate invention improving the human condition, and to prepare students from throughout the world for a life of professional achievement, service to society, and individual fulfillment. Visit www.iit.edu or http://admission.iit.edu for more information.